Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Reggie by Reggie Dabbs

Reggie: You Can’t Change Your Past, but You Can Change Your Future is a great autobiography by Reggie Dabbs. Born to a 16 year old unwed mother, Reggie has the deck stacked against him, but overcomes the odds against him to become a successful motivational speaker coaching public school children. He teaches that life is about choices.

The book is divided into chapters that tell the reader how to know their story, truth, pain, choice, and Father, among others. Big Daddy, as Reggie calls the Heavenly Father, plays a big part in Reggie’s story and he interlaces the book with stories from the Bible and his world travels. This book is very inspiring and will be a great addition to anyone’s library!

I give the book five stars and would recommend it for any teens or parents of teens. You will be inspired!

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